About Hotel Shovraj

In the year 2001 Mr and Mrs Sengupta decided to make their home in the middle of the jungle just beside River Sirikhola in Singalila Himalaya Mountain and make their dream house at Sirikhola. The beauty of their property and the great location attract every Indian and foreign tourist who came for Sandakphu - Phalut trek and pass through their property and everyone asked them to open a guest house for tourists accommodation. This the reason in the Year 2003 Sengupta’s Family open their property for staying for trekkers and for the nature loving tourists and named it "Hotel Shovraj" beyond the name of their first born baby their son Shovraj Sengupta. This is the beginning of new journey of Sengupta’s Family and its become one of the highest facility homestay come hotel in the year 2005 after their daughter Shubhangi born.

Sengupta family start their hotel business when there is no electricity, no roads and transportation, no medical support and no security, nothing at there except their faith and believe on each other and the God gifted beauty and peace of Sirikhola. Slowly one by one every facilities arrived and still Hotel Shovraj is one of the Best Private Property and Hotel in entire Darjeeling District like old days.

Mr Shubhashish Sengupta and his family is the only resident Bengali family in North West of Darjeeling District and run their homestay in mountain and extends its warm hospitality and welcomes all to Hotel Shovraj, its not just a reflection but it's also lifetime of experience that will mesmerize your soul.

Mr. Sengupta and his family not only ensures guests comfort but they are involved in doing several social activities. When they think about their own kids education that time they open a free English medium school named "Don King Oriental Arts Academy" for the poor villagers in the Year 2006 at their property in Sirikhola and teach their own kids with local children and develop their skills to recruit foreign volunteer teachers and also recruit local salary teachers.

For cultural and social development and support the sports activities in local children and young generation boys and girls Mr Sengupta open a sporting club in the Year 2007 and its became government registered in 2009 named "Sirikhola Sengupta’s Friends' Sporting Club" (Regd. No. S/1L/66230) and its still active in various activities for promotion of local people.

From the year 2005 Mr. Shubhashish Sengupta Support YHAI National Himalayan Trekking Expedition as a volunteer camp leader of Youth Hostel Association of India in Sandakphu trekking expedition and later on official interest of Youth Hostel Association state secretary and chairman and other officials recommendation in the Year 2009 “Hotel Shovraj" became a Licensee Youth Hostel of Youth Hostel Association Of India and that's why Hotel Shovraj also called "Youth Hostel Sirikhola" which is a bonafide Licensee Youth Hostel of YHAI.

Mr. Sengupta extended his brilliant business capability in foreign country in Georgia and he is also the director and owner of "Shovraj Georgia Groups LLC" situated in Tbilisi, Georgia.